Leader Training

The Scout Association's adult training scheme is a comprehensive programme of training modules designed to support adults and provide them with the skills, tools and knowledge required for their role.

The complete scheme consists of 38 modules, however only modules relevent to the role need to be completed. Modules can be completed either by attending a training course then validating the learning in their Scouting role, or where the leader has suitable prior learning or experience by validating the module skills in their Scouting role.

Neither the modules or courses are meant to be onerous or hard. They are there to help Leaders in their role. Training courses are a great opportunity to meet other Leaders, share ideas, and can often open doors to new opportunities. Every adult has a Training Advisor to help them with their training.

Adult training locally is arranged by Cumbria Scouts in conjunction with a Local Training Manager in Kentdale.

Getting Started

Getting Started is the initial training that most adults in Scouting are required to complete. It consists of three modules:

  • Essential Information - fundamentals of Scouting, key policies of The Scout Association, safety and safeguarding, and the support available.
  • Tools for the Role - key features of the role and delivering a quality programme.
  • Personal Learning Plan - agreeing with the Training Advisor further modules to be completed and method of completion.

Adults have five months to complete the Getting Started training.

Further Training

Once Getting Started has been completed each role in Scouting has a number of other modules which are required, for example a section Leader has a further sixteen modules to complete, covering areas such as leadership skills, diversity within Scouting, working as a team, residential experiences, and practical skills.

These modules and the method of validation are agreed with the Training Advisor during Getting Started, and should be completed within three years.

On-going Learning

Once the required modules have been completed, there is an obligation for many roles to undertake on-going learning, typically averaging five hours per year over a five year period. There are three specific on-going learning requirements: safeguarding training, safety training and first aid. Beyond that the training or learning can be anything which can be used in their role.

Young Leaders' Training

The Young Leaders scheme has a seperate training scheme consisting of ten modules and supported by four missions which apply the skills gained in the modules. The knowledge and experience gained under the Young Leaders scheme can be used as evidence of prior learning under the adult training scheme. 


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